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The greatest benefit of City Center is the passion and drive of not just one organization, but dozens!

City Center is a collection of individually run non-profits that are co-located on the same campus and have the same goal to help people in crisis. Each partner organization may do different things, but together, as a collective we can network, share resources, and make our dollars reach farther, making an even greater impact than we could alone.

All partner organizations pay a below-market rate for office space. Interior lease agreements include office space, internet, phone lines, copiers, conference rooms, kitchens, electronic control door access, advanced building security, and the most inviting and fun workspace in the city.

For more detailed parameters of accepted organizations and for cost details, please email

Priscilla Robbins:

Who are our Partners?

Central California Food Bank

The Central California Food Bank provides nourishment for hungry children, adults, and seniors today so they can thrive tomorrow. Please consider donating.

Family Health Care Network

Delivering innovative, high-quality health care to the people of the Central Valley.

Fresno Metro Ministry

Since 1970, Fresno Metro Ministry has actively advocated for the health and well-being of our community.

Resiliency Center

First Responders for Children Impacted by Emotional Trauma.

Clovis Adult Education

The purpose of Clovis Adult Education is to offer lifelong educational opportunities, which address the unique needs of our diverse community by providing the means to become productive community members and workers, effective family members, and lifelong learners.

City Without Orphans

City Without Orphans Operates as a bridge connecting the needs of foster & Orphaned children with the calling and resources of local church through advocacy, education, support & events.

Breaking The Chains

Providing hope, healing, and restoration, to lives impacted by human trafficking.

Aspen Ridge Public School

Aspen Public Schools was built on a foundation that celebrates each individual's strengths and background.

Centro La Familia

Providing services that empower and support families and individuals in our culturally diverse community.

Troy Center

Our mission is to mentor Central Valley youth, breaking down barriers to opportunity while empowering them to reach their full potential and inspiring them to impact their communities positively.

Partner Spotlight:

Debra Rush

CEO Breaking the Chains

“For us at breaking the chains sitting down with CEO Matt Dildine and really beginning to hear City Centers heart of collaboration began to lace together everything we have been working for at Breaking the chains.”

- Debra Rush, CEO Breaking the Chains

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