Where crisis meets relationship.

Under one roof, we bring together diverse specialists, non-profits, schools, and ministries to address barriers, burdens, and new beginnings, empowering individuals facing life insecurities.

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Our Mission

City Center is a revolutionary concept, akin to a hospital for life crises, where various specialists, non-profits, schools, and ministries unite under one roof to address people’s barriers, burdens, and new beginnings. This one-stop-shop aims to transform lives facing insecurity, providing a wheel of opportunity through collaborative expertise, all in an environment like no other. It aspires to be the heart of a movement focused on rescuing individuals from crisis and fostering human flourishing.

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Like Hospitals, City Center is not simply one organization; We consist of various specialists united under one roof, understanding that helping someone in crisis requires collaborative expertise from diverse professionals working together.

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Tap into a wealth of support and services aimed at transforming lives and addressing crisis situations. By accessing these resources, you gain access to a diverse network of specialists, non-profits, schools, and ministries, all working together under one roof to tackle barriers, burdens, and new beginnings.

Thrive in community

After receiving the necessary support and assistance at City Center, individuals have the opportunity to truly flourish. Through our collaborative approach, comprehensive resources, and the support of diverse specialists and organizations, we empower people to build stronger connections, embrace personal growth, and lead fulfilling lives

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2025 E. Dakota, Fresno, CA 93726

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