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Through heartfelt collaboration, shared spaces, and the pooling of resources, City Center weaves a tapestry of specialized organizations, creating not just support, but a nurturing community. Each entity brings unique skills to the table, all united by the profound mission of transforming lives. 

City Center, a visionary 9-acre haven, is poised to redefine crisis intervention with its purpose-built facilities spanning over 180,000 square feet, serving as a unified gateway towards recovery. This groundbreaking initiative introduces a wealth of amenities, including multiple co-working office spaces accommodating more than 15 diverse organizations. Complementing this is a dedicated 73-room residential tower, offering shelter for up to 450 individuals, solidifying City Center as a holistic, all-encompassing haven for those seeking a helping hand.

Our hope is, that the agricultural capital of the World will be known for a different type of farm – one that grows people. 

Of the invidiuals who live at the fresno mission are children.
0 %
Human trafficking victims identified in the central valley in 2022
The number of children who entered the foster care system in california in 2021

1 Out of every 3.5 people

In Fresno, live in Poverty


The average age of first-time alcohol/drug use in Fresno County

That is what City Center is about. It is about faces.

But we also knew that we were not the only ones who were inspired because of someone’s face they saw.  So many in our community have been moved into action because of someone’s face. 

For this reason, City Center is bringing together all those organizations, their staff, their volunteers, their leaders, their advocates, their counselors, , their doctors, their experts, their degrees, their desires, their teachers, their areas of expertise, , their basketball coaches, their lived experiences, their resources so that when we see someone’s face who is in crisis with their world falling down on them, they have one place to go where the faces of so many will be there waiting for them.

Where we will see their face because their head will be lifted high walking into an environment that brings no shame.   Why? Because it will look like the coolest property in Fresno. Where we see the smiling faces of children, why? Because we have the best indoor playground they have ever seen.  Where we see the joyous look of parents, why?  

Because not only have their burdens been lifted but who now have a vision for their own future. 

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