Hurt, harm and abuse don’t occur in a category. When we look at the problems of homelessness, human trafficking, orphan/foster care, addiction and poverty, we do not see people that neatly fit into a bucket. We see a collection of problems jeopardizing someone’s chance at a healthy and sustainable life. If these problems do not occur in isolation, neither should the solutions. City Center is about helping people facing life insecurity. Therefore, it will focus on the 5 areas of harm that most attack the vulnerable: homeless, human trafficking, orphan/foster care, addiction, and poverty.

” I wasn’t doing things that I could be proud of myself for. I just felt like there was more I could have been focusing on to help my family grow. And now I’m doing that. I’m happy with the decisions I’m making because it’s making me a better person. I enjoy that because it’s fun just being a dad. That’s what I am really focusing on right now, just working and being daddy.”

- Tony.

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